Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

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Bid your farewell to stress and bad body posture

Bid farewell to your posture defects. Relieve your muscle tension with this amazingly creative and innovatively designed kneeling chair. They are designed to take away your body stress from the spinal zone and distribute it among the other parts of your body like knees, buttocks, legs to relieve the stressful pressure of your back. Struck with heavy desk jobs, we can understand your frustrations over neck pains and back problems. 



Review this extraordinary ergonomically kneeling stool that guarantees 100% relief from stress and severe back problems. 


Bid Farewell to Posture Defects

Welcoming you with this ergonomic kneeling chair for its excellent support with 20 layers of birch laser cut wood enhancing its strength and toughness. It can superficially bear up to 300 Lbs of weight, thus proving its worth to its users.

This innovation takes away all your reasons to hunch over your desktop all day long. 


Heavenly Cushiony Comfort

The soft, breathable, and waterproof linen fabric is woven in a way that prevents you from getting skin rashes and fulfils adequate support to your buttocks. We've got your back, and we've also offered you our token of love by providing a 9 cm thick spongy cushion that would not dare stick to your thighs or your buttocks. Not even once during long hours of usage!


Smart Angle Designs

Unlike most kneeling stools or chairs, this one has two large knee rests, automatically forcing your hips to be open when you're seated. It will engage your abdominal and lower back muscles without any specific adjustments. Ideally best for teenagers, this chair is worthy for your workplace-generated back stress relief. 

The stool is angled at 90º, thus creating a good posture and improving your back into its natural form.


Solid Hardware

The enhanced hardware (anti-corrosive galvanized screws) and intermediate crossbars strengthen its service life for a long time. This stool comes with a modern and robust design suitable for any destination. It simply goes perfect for your workstations, classrooms, home, or anywhere you want. 


Never settles for less

This ergonomic kneeling stool isn't just relieving your back posture defects but also strengthening your endurance in the abdomen, knees and buttocks. It helps boost your blow flow in the body, thus increasing the level of your energy. 


Exquisite Premium Design

This rocking kneeling stool is designed with a bent angle for its tumbler-like rocking function. Not just posture maintenance, you can even decide your comfort level by swinging back and forth and finding the perfect balanced position for working.

Easy to Assemble

The package comes with an easy-to-understand user manual for completing the setup appropriately. You get a screw kit to fix the screws across the crossbars and a full customer-support service before and after purchase.


A Strong All-Rounder Performance

The ergonomic rocking wood kneeling stool is perfectly suitable for any task - be it home&work, meditation, computer work, gaming, exercise, you name it. This masterpiece is a perfect one for people with sizes ranging from 5'2" to 6'6". The overall dimension stands up to 27.9"L * 16.1"W * 21"H.


Package Inclusions:

1 × Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

1 × Instrumental Manual

1 × Screw Kit

That said, what is keeping you from buying it? Get this amazing posture-relieving stool at a discounted price. Hurry up and place your order before it again gets out of stock.