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Run around with more Comfort and Ease

Aren't you tired of those huge and heavy shoes pulling you down from all the heavy tasks? An evening walk, racing down the street, working out, or maybe making business rounds, we don't want any extra weight adding on to our body. All we dream of is to be comfortable and light. We tend to have many restless routines accompanying us in our daily lives. And getting engaged in such busy schedules calls for some self-comfort and ease of traveling. 

Another issue that never leaves our side is the 'Go-With' perfection with our attire. We hardly pay attention to our comfort when styling our attire with the right pair of shoes. And that's a proven fact, we suppose. But as innovations entered the show, there came new variations in shoes and their comfort.

And that's where we bring you these new Creative Breathable Shoes for Men. Explore the unique specifications of these pairs of shoes.



  • As the name suggests, these shoes are Breathable in nature meaning, it is absolutely lightweight, non-cumbersome, offering you an 'easy walk experience. 
  • These breathable membranes have mesh (/water-proof) lining, saving you from every wet environment.


Heavy Comfort

  • Its soft and comfortable sole and sides give you the maximum comfort and rest to your feet even when you are walking or running.
  • No matter how many miles you run wearing these shoes, it never sweats your feet. The flexing mechanism of these shoes helps your feet move about freely without any extra weightage. (Simply a great Feeling!)


Supportive and Effective

  • If you are into gyms and exercises, these breathable shoes are made just for you. Someone who walks or exercises more needs excellent ankle support and thick cushioning soles to keep them from getting tired and painful.

  • These shoes are supportive from every angle and effective. Not to forget is its arch and sweat-proof materialwith the thick outsole and cushiony insole.


Sleek and Stylish

  • Of course, we won't let you compromise with its style and variants. These active shoes offer you a sporty look to go with almost everything. 

If you are a fashionista looking for some tunings to your clothing, these shoes will be the best choice for you.

  • These can be the best stylish and lightweight shoes for any event with sleek finishing.


Adios to Non-Smelly Feet

  • Traveling to different places with the same pair of shoes can be hectic and sometimes soring. Investing in the right pair of shoes keeps you devoid of bruises and every discomfort.
  • These shoes are sure to keep you healthy and away from sore and smelly feet. 


Color Variants

  • Color variants available: Black, White, Grey.



Let's take you on a quick tour of our shoe sizes and variants.

Note: Feet length is not the Insole length. The Insole length is 0.15 cm longer than your feet length.

How to select your size?

  • Step 1: Measure your foot length carefully. Please take note of it.

  • Step 2: Choose the correct length of the shoes considering your foot length (as per the size chart mentioned below).

  • Step 3: If you are still not sure of the size, kindly contact us.



Size 6.5 = Size 39 = Head to Toe - 24.5 cm

Size 7 = Size 40 = Head to Toe - 25.0 cm

Size 8 = Size 41 = Head to Toe - 25.5 cm

Size 8.5 = Size 42 = Head to Toe - 26.0 cm

Size 9.5 = Size 43 = Head to Toe - 26.5 cm

Size 10 = Size 44 = Head to Toe - 27.0 cm

Size 11 = Size 45 = Head to Toe - 27.5 cm

SIze 12 = Size 46 = Head to Toe - 28.0 cm

Size 13 = Size 47 = Head to Toe - 28.5 cm

Size 14 = Size 48 = Head to Toe - 29.0 cm

Size 15 = Size 49 = Head to Toe - 29.5 cm

Size 16 = Size 50 = Head to Toe - 30.0 cm


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