Travel Neck Pillow & Eye Mask With Inflatable Footrest

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Feeling Tired All The Time Due To Your Travelling Routine?

Traveling is all about adventure and exploring new places, but it sure is tiring. The fatigue that comes with it is without a doubt bad for one's well being and can get worse if not taken care of. This comfort travel pack, comprising a travel neck pillow, eye cover, and an inflatable footrest is an answer to all your travel-related worries!

This travel set has been made for travelers who miss comfortable sleep. Its travel neck pillow is designed to fit around your neck and preserve your cervical curvature, guaranteeing the optimal sleep posture. The second product part of this pack is the best sleep mask that covers your eyes as you sleep through bus rides, camping, and flights. It provides the essential shelter from light your eyes need during sleep. 

The final product part of this amazing travel package is the adjustable footrest. This inflatable footrest has 3 levels that can be adjusted conveniently, according to your needs. 

To go with these are dust-free carrying bags that are very easy to pack along your travel gear.


  • Comfortable travel neck pillow for good sleep
  • Eye cover to block light 
  • Adjustable, inflatable footrest to relax after hours of traveling
  • A couple of compact and easy-to-carry bags for your comfort travel gear
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