Life Alert Bracelet With Floating Pool Alarm Balloon

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Do you love water sports? Are you looking for safety swim support?

Everyone loves to go on a beach holiday. However, it always carries the risk of getting drowned. Imagine you are out with your family on a boat ride. A tragedy strikes and the boat overturns. 

You are taking swimming lessons in blue waters. Suddenly, a giant wave overpowers you and pulls you into deep waters. How to get rid of it and rescue yourself?

Do you take any safeguard against drowning hazards when boating?

You are safe in water only when you have this Life Alert Bracelet With Floating Pool Alarm Balloon.

The safety swim wristband contains a bright orange balloon that is inflated by carbon dioxide released from an attached cylinder.

A compass is integrated with these survival straps to helps return to the shore if you ever face boat tragedy. Even the life alert bracelet has a whistle to alert others and seek help.

An adjustable strap with metal locks ensures you do not lose this pool alarm wristband when you need it the most.


  • Safety swim wristband
  • Bright-orange balloon to attract attention
  • Inflatable balloon saves from drowning
  • Whistle to seek help from a distance
  • 2 carbon dioxide cylinders
  • Sweatproof, rustproof
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