Wooden Relaxing Foot Massage

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Need a Relaxing Foot Massage At Home?

After a long day of work and a whole day of standing, wouldn’t it be great to have a relaxing experience once you get home?
If you need a deep massage and a complete kneading to relax your tired feet, then this wooden relaxing foot massager is a great choice. 

It is a great tool to relieve stress, it provides a good foot massage technique and relieves comfort for your body. It massages and exerts deep pressure on the most significant points of your feet. It provides the ultimate soothing and relaxing solution for your stiff muscles.  It also promotes a healthy body and helps to improve the blood circulation in your feet.

This relaxing foot massager is on sale for a limited time only. Say goodbye to your tired feet and place an order now!


  • Provides a relaxing foot massage
  • Great tool to relieve stress
  • Designed to soothe foot pain
  • Refreshes tired and sore feet
  • Made from natural lotus material
Due to OVERWHELMING DEMAND, please allow at least 2-4 weeks for delivery.