Wax Warmer Kit For Hair Removal With Temperature Control

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When it comes to hair removal it is hard to find a good balance between spending a lot of money on long-lasting expensive salon treatments or saving money by shaving regularly.

That’s where our home waxing kit comes in. It is the perfect solution you were looking for, as it's one of the easiest hair wax kits for removing unwanted hair for weeks at a time at the convenience of your home.

And it won’t break the bank.

Do hair removal at home with the help of this wax warmer kit, giving your skin a smooth feel you've always wanted. 

Product Benefits

  • Wax Heater - Includes the stainless steel pot with good thermal conductivity can melt the wax in only 10 minutes, including temperature control and indicator light
  • Wax Ingredients - Natural and skin-friendly wax beans in 4 different flavors, which remove 98 percent of hairs you want at one time
  • Wax Application - Waxing sticks help you daub the wax on your skin uniformly when using the waxing heater
  • All Areas - Leave your skin smooth and help you to remove hair from arms, legs, underarms and bikini area


  • 1 * Wax Heater
  • 1 * Protective Lid
  • 1 * Pot
  • 1 * English Manual
  • 4 * Pack of Wax Beans
  • 10 * Paper
  • 10 * Stick

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