Water Thermometer For Shower With Led Display Monitor

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Lowing to take relaxing showers but hate spending the time finding just the right temperature with a shower mixer valve?

That’s where water thermometer comes into play.

Admit it, finding that sweet spot – not too cold, not too hot, can be tricky and can sometimes even ruin your day! No more if you have smart shower.

Introducing our digital shower control for your temperature, with the newest innovated technology to upgrade and modernize your bathroom.

It will definitely make your shower easier providing you with the better temperature control that makes you not want to get out.

Start enjoying the perfect shower experience in seconds!

Product Benefits

  • High-Precision Thermometer To Monitor Your Shower Temperature
  • No Batteries Required - The device harvests its energy from the water flow
  • Easy Installation - without any tools, fits with a handheld showerhead
  • Materials Approved For Drinking Water
  • Really Useful For Families With Small Children Or Babies (forget about the bath thermometer)
  • 360° Rotatable Waterproof Led Screen For Better Viewing
  • Elegant Design, Premium Quality - bath thermometer is ideal for home use and even bathrooms in five-star hotels


  • 1 * LW-101 LED Display Water Temperature Meter Monitor

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