Spartan Impulse TM Fearless Unisex T-Shirt

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Is your persona defined by the absence of fear and multitude of grit?

Being fearless needs no introduction but a declaration of your grit in your thought, deeds, and attire. When you are fearless, you have the fortitude and determination. When you swear by fearlessness, you have the strength of character to dominate and protect your freedom.

Though your fearless character does not need any espousal, you still can admire this quality in you. Introducing the Spartan Impulse TM Fearless Unisex T-Shirt, a must for those who swear by the courage and live without fear.

Made from 100% combed and ring-spun cotton fabric, the t-shirt has an insignia that resembles the famed Spartan helmet of King Leonidas, the hero of the Battle of Thermopylae, where 300 Greeks fought with thousands of Persians.

The words fear and less written close to the symbol of bravery exemplify your toughness, guts, and enthusiasm.  

Soft, comfy, and with the perfect amount of stretch, the t-shirt can be used for any purpose. You can wear it to the Super Bowl, local stadium to watch a sporting event, on a picnic, to the supermarket, gym, or any cultural event.


  • Unisex t-shirt
  • Cotton t-shirt
  • 100% combed, ring-spun fabric
  • T-shirt for those who hate fear
  • Lightweight, comfortable
  • Multipurpose t-shirt
  • Perfect for a casual outing, gym, outdoor activities
  • An expression of your fearless persona
  • Shoulder-to-shoulder taping
  • Perfect for any body type
  • A gift to a friend
  • Expression of the strong personality
  • A symbol of your strength, resoluteness, valor

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