Smart Fingerprint Padlock

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Say goodbye to keys and combinations for once and for all!

What’s the first thing that you notice on our fingerprint padlock?  The combination dial has been replaced by a fingerprint sensor.

No more keys and combination with biometric lock – your finger is your key from now on.

Out fingerprint lock has a bold and sturdy design.

The lock is forged using a special zinc alloy, with a resistant stainless steel shackle.

It has a double-layered lock design with anti-shim and anti-pry technologies making our padlock virtually unbreakable.

This biometric door lock truly is a modern take on the boring old padlock.

Product Benefits

  • Safe And Easy To Use - touch once and the lock will open
  • Multiple Users Support - can support up to 10 different fingerprints
  • Waterproof - with IPS65 waterproof standard, the lock can be protected from the water and dust, making it reliable in all weather conditions
  • USB Charge - with the feature of lower power and long standby time
  • Long Lasting Battery - lithium battery can support 2-year standby time and can be opened up to 2500 times
  • Versatile  - suitable for house doors as fingerprint door lock, backpacks, suitcases, warehouses, bikes, offices and so on

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