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Are you a regular working individual? Work from home and long operating hours have started showing their effects on your neck and shoulder? Are you constantly looking at your phones or desktops and restraining yourself from getting some good physio workouts? Well, we understand your pain. Neck pains can be a common concern, and someone who faces it knows it well. 

Regular massaging on the sore parts of the body can help improve the flow of oxygen and blood in the body. Pressure on the neck reduces the inflammation and soothes the pain delivering utter comfort and a blissful day. Agree to it or not, neck pains also irritate moods. The saddest part is, ladies planning for weekend nights suffering from such neck pains tend to blow off their plans! These early pains hint at later stage spondylosis, which takes months and years of physiotherapy to relieve the body. 

Thanks to the modern-day technology that invented 'Intelligent Neck Massagers' to relieve cervical pains and fatigue. These smart neck massagers do wonders like recovery from muscle soreness, strengthening the immune system, reducing eye strains and migraines, and enhancing moods. Have a look at the marvelous features of this unique 'Smart Electric Neck Massager.'

Comfort at its peak

  • The smart neck massager comes with a 360° omnidirectional floating massage head transmitting heat that penetrates 3-5 cm below the skin with the help of low-cycle pulse technology and soothes the soaring points. 

  • It relieves neck pain effectively and reduces cervical fatigue. 

  • Its hot compress at a level of 42° C can relax blood vessels, muscles, and bones, accelerate oxygen and blood circulation. 

  • It puts no extra pressure on the neck due to its soft silicone skin-friendly material.

Effective, User-friendly, 3-modes massager

  • This new and improved neck and shoulder massager comes with a unique 5-mode massage feature (unlike any other traditional massagers) viz., Beat mode, Tuina mode, Gua Sha mode, Acupuncture mode, Hot Compress mode. 

  • It allows 15-steps heat level adjustments and transmits heat at the pain points bearable by the skin.

  • This effective device protects the skin from overheating by its 15-minutes auto shut down mode and ensures 100% safety. 

  • Its anti-radiation heating magnetic technology forms a ring of energy, improving the heat of the neck and shoulders, promoting microcirculation in the subcutaneous tissues. 

Carry your personal therapist anytime, anywhere!

  • Its advanced, lightweightergonomic "L" shaped 3D design fits all neck sizes and can be carried anywhere in the world.


Chargeable, Foldable, Skin-Friendly Design.

  • The built-up quality includes austenitic 304 stainless steel electrode sheet delicate enough not to cause any allergy or extra weight.
  • This improved neck massager supports USB charging. If charged for 1 hour, it is recommended to use for 15 minutes daily. The 450 mAh lithium batteryefficiently lasts for about 10 whole days without fail. 

  • The soft, foldable design of the belt allows it to get packed in any pocket space available.

Ultra safety measures

  • This creative neck and shoulder massager uses electrical impulses therapy and is not recommended for people with implantations such as pacemakers or even metal objects in the body as there is a fear of electric shocks.

  • Wipe your neck if it's dry with a wet towel to experience it better. 


Product Name -  Sports Intelligent Cervical Massage Apparatus

Main Material - High skin-adhesive soft glue material + PC

Electrode - High-gloss SUS304 advanced material stereotypes

Function mode - 5 methods

Use Time -  ~220 min.

Function intensity - 7 gears

Single cycle time - 12 minutes

Output voltage - 5V - 0.5A

Product weight - 80g

Output power - 5W

Executive Standard - GB4706.1 - 2005 GB4706.10 - 2008

Battery type - Polymer lithium battery

Charging time - 45 minutes

What are you waiting for? Do not miss out on this great opportunity and grab this neck massager before physiotherapy makes its way. Hurry up and order now!!!


Due to OVERWHELMING DEMAND, please allow 7-15 Days for delivery.