Set of 10 LED 3D Halloween Pumpkin Jack-O-Lanterns

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What is your Halloween interior decorating plan?

Spider decorations, haunted houses, and pumpkin lanterns are integral parts of any Halloween party. In fact, having a pumpkin jack-o’-lantern at home has become the most recognized Halloween ritual.

The Irish migrants brought with them the tradition of carving lanterns out of melons. When they discovered pumpkins, they used it instead of melons and it soon became one of the most popular Halloween products to have on the prank night of ghosts.

It is always a fun to add pumpkin lanterns to your haunted house props. But, where to find these precious Halloween decorations? Do you really need to buy pumpkins and craft it soiling your hands? You can have pumpkin jack-o’-lanterns without having to look for pumpkins.

Here is the right alternative. Presenting the Set of 10 LED 3D Pumpkin Lanterns custom made for Halloween decoration.

Made from quality PVC plastic, these 3D jack-o-lantern pumpkin props add an enchanting theme to your cute home décor during the Halloween party, festive ambiance, special occasions, or themed events.  

These Halloween decor lanterns are battery operated and waterproof. You can keep them flashing or emitting the steady light. Built to save energy, these Halloween party supplies add to your scary home décor.


  • 3D LED jack-o’-lanterns
  • Pumpkin home décor
  • Energy saving lights
  • Warm Halloween decoration lights

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