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How to make your Halloween look scariest ever?

Gone are the days of Halloween masks. They look scary only to kids and adults spook fun of them. If you are planning to get the scariest ever Halloween costume, you have to think beyond the monster, zombie, scarecrow, or clown masks.

So, what is the alternative you should have that complement your Halloween costume and add a chilling scary appearance?

Have you ever thought of scary Halloween headbands? Introducing syringe, machete, knife, saw,  axe, bottle, and scissor horrible Halloween headband props.

Put the Halloween knife headband, it will appear as if the knife has pierced through your skull. If it is the Halloween machete headband, you may be seen with a machete entrenched deep into your skull. Scissor and syringe headbands give an impression of your head being punctured.

Choose any of these headbands to give your Halloween costume a super scary look and feel.


  • Horrible Halloween headband props
  • Give super scary look
  • Bloody Halloween appearance
  • Plastic Halloween headbands
  • Skull-piercing headbands

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