Retractable Folding Water Bottle

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Looking for a water bottle that is easy to carry and store?

You cannot think of going outside without a water bottle. Whether it is gym, outdoor activities, ballpark, theater, or visiting a doctor, the most essential thing you need is your own water bottle. Notwithstanding if it is a plastic sports water bottle or a normal, reusable water bottle, you must carry safe drinking water with you.

You cannot guarantee if the water is safe to drink when don’t have a water bottle outdoor. Imagine, you are traveling without a bottle of water or water bottle and have to drink water from outside. And the very next day you suffer from a digestive tract infection.

Unsafe drinking water is a big health hazard. But most fail to carry reusable glass water bottles solely because they don’t have space to carry it.

Introducing the new Retractable Folding Water Bottle. It is easy and convenient to carry wherever you go.

Made of Portable Silicone, this fancy water bottle is retractable or foldable. The folding water bottle design allows it to collapse for easy storage. You may stretch it to make a large gym bottle whenever you need to carry more water.

The silicon used to make these cool drink bottles are of food grade. You are assured of a non-toxic, durable,and practical “big small water bottle.”

This beverage bottle is lightweight and you can easily carry it anywhere. No fear of leaking with the tight cap. Whether you are on a cycling expedition or at an outdoor event, these multipurpose reusing plastic water bottles can be a protective asset.


  • Silicone outdoor water bottle
  • Folding design for easy to use and carry
  • Lightweight, free to stretch
  • Cover prevents spilling
  • Most suitable outdoor water bottle
  • Safe, healthy, no smell
  • Non-toxic, food grade
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