Portable Rechargeable Smoothie Blender Bottle

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Get Your Daily Essential Vitamins In seconds Anytime, Everywhere!

This Portable Electric Juicer will save all that hard work and replace it with delicious, fresh supplies.
We all know that it can be difficult to stay on track with our fitness and healthy eating goals when we are away from home.
But what happens if you find yourself traveling, out for the weekend, or during a work trip?

So the answer is we all need some alternative or maybe a portable juicer, which can make it really easy for us to take care of ourselves and our family. 

We are introducing the all-new, high-quality Mini Portable Electric Juicer. With its sleek modern design and convenient USB blending options, it's easier to get your fresh juice on demand.



Easy to Use

  • High-qualitymaterialswith built-in Stainless Steel Blades.
  • Effortless and Time-Saving.
  • With 4 Stainless Steel Blades,this Blender will provide you with a fresh and healthy drink at any time of the day.
  • This Portable Blender is so easy to Wash which is very convenient.


Easy to carry

  • Lift Ring: The Silicone Lift Ring design is perfect for any occasion or can be used at the gym or when you're out with friends.
  • Portable Size: 380ML, easy to carry anywhere.




Wireless Charging

  • Wireless charging: No more plugs for you, the magnetic assistance will have your Portable Blender fully Charged.
  • USB charging: You no longer need to worry about your electricity or travel needs when you need to charge this Portable Blender as it also includes the facility of USB Charging. You can charge anytime, anywhere, and not have a shortage of juice!
  • Easy to charge: With a built-in 2000mAh rechargeable battery that can be easily charged by power bank, laptop, computer, mobile phones, or other USB devices.

Note: Do not use this product while charging.




  • Lid material: Food-grade PP
  • Cup body material: Imported PC
  • Base material: Food-grade ABS
  • Blade material: Stainless steel 304
  • Working current: 10-12A
  • Working voltage: 3.7V
  • Battery capacity: 2200mAh
  • Juicing times: 90S each time; you can squeeze 10 times
  • Cup body capacity: 380ml



  • 1. For the first use, please charge for 3 hours. The juice cup cannot be used during the charging process
  • 2. Cut the pulp into small pieces as much as possible before juicing, and be sure to add water or milk when juicing.
  • 3. Adjust the shaking speed according to the viscosity of the food.
  • 4. When cleaning, do not place the base in water for cleaning.

Package Includes:- 1 X Portable Electric Fruit Juicer, 1 X USB Charging Cable

Due to OVERWHELMING DEMAND, please allow 7-15 Days for delivery.