Portable 1 Ltr. Mini AC with Touchscreen and USB Charging

Don't know how to survive the silly summers?

Whether it is a night of the summer holiday weekend or the simmering wind of the hot boiling day, you can beat the heat anywhere with Microhoo portable air conditioner.

It is small, lightweight produces a quick cooling effect, and is entirely safe. There's no need to empty your monthly savings on expensive air conditioners.

Microhoo is energy efficient and also has a stop timer. You can place it in your children's room and plug it back to charging with your ordinary USB cable that comes with a smartphone. As the tank capacity is large, there's no need to frequently add ice and water.

How to Use?

Step 1: Add water and ice in the tank

Step 2: Adjust settings and select one of the three available modes on the touchscreen panel:

  • Natural wind
  • Sleep wind 
  • Timer

Step 3: Set the timer (optional)

Step 4: Press the power button to start

Step 5: Recharge with a USB cable after usage


  • Strong and quick cooling effect: Cools small to medium rooms with its 99-speed regulations. Perfect for giving you, your children, and guests a goodnight's sleep.
  • Large water tank and long cooling capacity: 1-liter tank to ensure you don't have to wake up in the middle of the night to refill water and ice. You can even put the tank in the refrigerator for cooler air conditioning.
  • Economic: Large air conditioners add fortunes to your utility bills. Microhoo mini AC only increases your savings. It only costs 2 cents a day to use this mini AC.
  • Touchscreen Panel: Comes with an easy-to-use touchscreen panel with a user-friendly interface. Select any of the three modes and sleep like a baby.
  • Timer Settings: Worried that you might leave the AC on for too long? Not with Microhoo. It comes with auto-shutdown timer settings. 
  • Noise-Free Operation: Rotates at 30-speed and produces no noise. Perfect for babies, patients, and senior citizens.
  • Lightweight and Portable: It's lightweight design allows you to carry the mini AC on any trip you want without much hassle. 
  • USB rechargeable: Recharge with any ordinary Type-C USB cable. Not need to spend a penny on any special product. You can also charge it with your computer or power bank.


Size: 196x178x182mm

Weight: 1206g

Power consumption: 6W

Water capacity: 1000ml

Operation settings: Touchscreen

Cheat the heat now and sleep comfortably. Order now!