Personal Air Conditioner

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Are you one of those who sweat a lot in summer?

Then you remember how you couldn't sleep last summer because of the hot nights?

Or better yet, the sweat pouring down from your forehead while working?

The summer is almost here and this new portable personal air conditioner will keep you cool no matter what.

This personal cooler keeps your personal space cooler for 6-8 degrees than the air in the room. Just imagine being surrounded by fresh clean air while the rest of the room is hot.

It is eco-friendly and only needs water and electricity to operate. And what's even better, it is so small and quiet that you can take it to the bedside, office, gym, or vacations.

Because of the portable size, it is very economical so you won't pay astronomical bills this summer. Simple add the water, turn on one of the 3 speeds and enjoy the fresh air for 6-8 hours. Simple as that.


  • Cools down your personal space for 6-8 degrees so you can enjoy the summer without sweating.
  • Purify And Humidify the air
  • 3 speeds blow fresh air quietly so you can use it even when sleeping.
  • Thanks to its size it uses very little powerso you can save money.
  • It needs only water for operation so easy maintenance will save you even more money. 
  • Eco-friendly you will enjoy fresh, clean, and healthy air this while summer. 
Due to OVERWHELMING DEMAND, please allow 7-15 Days for delivery.