Abdominal Slimming Waistband

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Want to Really Sweat It Out and Lose Weight Fast?

Just when you think you can wear your favorite jeans, it’ll turn out that they don’t fit you anymore!
We all tend to gain weight and you need to make the most out of it when it’s time for you to hit the gym. 

You can double the sweat now by using this revolutionary hot body slimming waistband. You might be asking, do sweat suits work?

This hot slimming neoprene belt helps to increase body temperature and makes your body sweat more for you to lose weight and look great. These sweaty bands are designed for sports clothes and for daily use. It has a polyester lining that absorbs moisture, while the inner layer of neoprene helps retain the body heat and accelerate fat loss.

It can be used under your regular clothes, when you’re out shopping, working, or just doing your daily household chores. It is your own personal sauna that is discreet resilient and is always with you!

So, sweat more, look great and get yours now before our stock runs out!


  • It helps to lose weight and reduce fat
  • Increases maximum sweating
  • Your own personal sauna
  • Makes you look great and in shape
  • Premium neoprene material


Due to OVERWHELMING DEMAND, please allow 7-15 Days for delivery.