Multipurpose Orthopedic Cooling Gel Seat Coccyx Cushion

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Do you feel pain in coccyx when you sit at your desk for long hours? A coccyx cushion can help you.

Are you looking for ways to stop the pain in the spine, leg, and back when driving, working, or sitting? You need a good-quality gel seat cushion offering optimum comfort when sitting.

If you spending hours daily driving a car or commuting between your home and office, an orthopedic car seat gel cushion is a must to avoid sciatica and chronic pain in the back.

When you sit, drive, or work for extended periods, you face the danger of developing sciatica or backache. It also causes pain in the tailbone or coccyx - the bony structure at the end of your spine. Prolonged sitting is the foremost cause of this pain and this aggravates when you don't use a coccyx cushion. Degenerative bone disorders and pregnancy injuries may aggravate the pain as you sit to work or watch TV unless you use a foam or gel chair cushion on hard surfaces. 

Seniors or those with arthritis or low-bone density also are at an increased risk. Osteoporosis and chronic back or tailbone patients or those with herniated discs have difficulties in sitting. A high-quality, orthopedic gel seat cushion can be of a great asset in relieving pain.

Here is the Multipurpose Orthopedic Gel Seat Cushion with a cooling effect. Made of memory foam and silicone gel, this car, chair, and wheelchair seat cushion is the perfect choice for all age groups to avoid spine, coccyx and back pain.

The innovative U-shaped design of this coccyx cushion and protection pillow offers better pain prevention and optimum comfort. Its unique shape with grooves allows it for use by both men and women. The design is custom-made keeping in mind the sitting posture and bone alignments so that you have no pain symptoms when sitting for long.


The gel seat cushion helps to avoid pressure on coccyx, spine, and leg, which results in the inhibition of pain as you sit. it also promotes better blood circulation.


The coccyx cushion ensures you have no back or bottom pain when you go on long drives. Seniors stay free from soreness when they use this orthopedic seat cushion on their chairs or wheelchairs.  

This cooling orthopedic gel seat cushion for chairs and car seat uses medical-grade gel and memory foam that "remembers" your basin shape. As a car seat cushion, it is anti-mite, anti-bacterial, and self-breathing ensuring no infections or injuries, including bedsores.

The summer cool chair gel cushion seat is super comfortable and produces a cooling effect during hot summer days.  No matter the season, the versatility of the coccyx cushion can come in handy while doing your work or even enjoying watching TV for example. This gel chair cushion offers a number of advantages over any traditional cushion seat in comfort, cooling, durability, and pain relief.

The orthopedic seat cushion is very easy to clean and have materials that provide optimal performance so you can seat for the longer periods of time.


  • Multipurpose – use it on an office chair, at home, or on a car seat
  • U-shaped ergonomic design for both men and women
  • Easy to clean
  • Antibacterial, anti-mite
  • Highly durable materials
  • Orthopedic
  • Prevents back pain - disperse the weight equally in all directions
  • Wheelchair cushions for seniors
  • Wonder gel seat cushion
  • Memory foam cushion
  • Summer cool technology

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