Multifunctional Snow Removal And Ice Scraper For Your Car

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What do you do if you’ve got no ice scraper handy and your car is covered in snow and ice?

You use your hands, right? Presenting our snow scraper.

In the worst case scenario, your windows are covered in a layer of ice which makes it very difficult to remove and worse yet, delaying your plans to going anywhere.

Now your ice-scraping dilemmas are all over! No need to worry about the hassles of frozen windshields and windows - easily wipe them out with the best ice scraper!

Get your car running and on the road with clear visibility in no time!

Product Benefits

  • Fast Results – Easily remove huge amounts of snow and ice in no time
  • Double Scraping Action – Scrape both snow and ice at the same time
  • Cone-Shaped - unlike any other snow brush for the car, allows you to scrape in any direction
  • Small And Compact – can be stored in your glove compartment
  • Easy To Use – in a couple of wipes get rid of even the toughest ice on glass 
  • Practical – not only a scraper but also can be a liquid funnel
  • No Damage To The Glass – use windows scraper without scratching or breaking your windows
  • Ergonomic Design – Easy to hold with a comfortable grip


  • 1 * Ice And Snow Scraper

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