Miracle Herbal Toner for Skin Rejuvenation

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Looking for a skin toner to rejuvenate your skin naturally?

Our working, eating habits, and lifestyle impacts the skin health. Oxidative stress and exposure to hot, cold, and humid weather result in dead skin. As the waste accumulates on the skin, it turns tanned.

So, how to rejuvenate your skin and keep it bright for good without buying chemical-laden, cancer-causing skin toners?

The answer is this Miracle Herbal Toner for Skin Rejuvenation. Based on the age-old Korean herbal formulation, it eliminated dead skin cells and waster, ensures the skin regeneration faces no hindrance, and you have attractive and healthy skin.

Herbal Ingredients and Benefits

  • AHA eliminates dead skin
  • BHA flushes out accumulated waste and sebum
  • PHA averts the loss of moisture on your skin
  • Papaya ends skin discoloration, soothes skin
  • Lentil soy seed empowers your skin to fight infections and get nourishment
  • Lotus extract enhances skin color, texture
  • Tea tree oil – a natural skin tone enhancer – worth 10,000ppm
  • Tea tree extract stops skin irritation
  • Witch hazel extract helps fill pores, develop new skin
  • It keeps your skin’s pH level moderately high to keep a healthy skin
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