Luggage Strap With TSA Combination Lock

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Challenge to find your bag in the sea of suitcases coming off the luggage carousel?

Want to keep your luggage secure and protected at all times?

Our colorful luggage strap is great to easily identify a piece of luggage.

It fits any bag thanks to a long enough luggage belt and with the adjustable length you can get a snug fit on any bag.

Not only that it’s nicely designed, but the strap has a combination lock so that the contents of your bag remain safe if the bag was picked up by the wrong person.

Your bag stays closed with a 3 dial combination TSA lock. That means, if TSA wants to check your bag, they have a key that will open the lock without cutting the straps off. 

Product Benefits

  • Keep Your Luggage Secure – combination lock protects it from unwanted access
  • Easily Identify Your Bags – thanks to colorful luggage straps you can recognize your luggage from afar
  • TSA Approved Locks - lock accepted by TSA
  • Made Of Light Materials – won’t extensive load to your luggage
  • No Keys Lock - you will never lose keys and can use your personal combination code
  • Durable - the strap and lock are very sturdy providing you a lot of use on the next travels


  • 1* Luggage Belt

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