LED Pumpkin Halloween Decoration Lanterns

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Looking for jack-o’-lanterns for Halloween Decoration?

The Halloween decoration is incomplete without jack-o’-lanterns. A part of the Irish folklore, these lanterns are named after Stingy Jack, who tricked the devil twice to extract the promise of not claiming his soul. When Irish migrants arrived in the New World, the Irish tradition became an integral part of the American Halloween interior decorating plan.  

Whether it is a creepy haunted house or just Halloween decorations for homes, having a pumpkin hanging lantern is a must ritual. These are in fact among the most popular Halloween products.  

Introducing LED Pumpkin Halloween Decoration Lanterns.

These pumpkin lanterns are designed to endow your Halloween party with a horror feel. With these jack-o’-lanterns, you don’t need to buy and carve lanterns out of pumpkins.

Made from the combination of plastic, metal, and paper, each of these jack-o’-lanterns is operated by 2 AAA batteries.

Select one or all of four available colors to add an enigmatic horror setting to your Halloween decorations.


  • LED jack-o’-lanterns
  • Pumpkin lanterns for Halloween party, nightclubs, bars
  • Creepy cosplay props
  • Energy saving lights

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