Keratin Hair Fiber Spray for Instant Hair Loss Treatment

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How to conceal hair loss and bald patches on your scalp? Looking for a hair fibers filler solution to hide the thinning of hair?

Thinning hair impacts your look and personality. You look aged and unattractive. No one pays attention to you.

Bald patches make you feel less confident affecting outcomes of your meetings, business negotiations, and dealings. Hair transplant is an option but has undesirable side effects.

So, how can you hide your thinning hair?

Presenting the Keratin Hair Fiber Spray for Instant Hair Loss Treatment.

The hair thickening spray offers a perfect solution to regain the confidence lost because of hair loss. You can easily conceal thin hair using this hair fibers filler powder.

This hair volume powder provides instant hair loss coverage and this lasts for all day. When required, you can easily remove it with normal shampoo wash.

Get fuller, thicker instant coverage with this hair fiber spray. The hair volume powder is for both men and women.

Keratin hair fibers knit hair follicles and enable them to stay intertwined through the static electricity they have. Hair building fibers are the safest option, as these are without any chemicals.

The hair fiber spray does not have any harmful side effects on your scalp or existing hair.  


  • Instant hair loss coverage
  • Hides thinning or balding on your scalp
  • Undetectable concealment of hair loss
  • Hair looks thicker
  • No restriction on hairstyle
  • Long lasting, resistant to wind, water
  • Easy to use and remove
Due to OVERWHELMING DEMAND, please allow 7-15 Days for delivery.