USB Rechargeable Portable Electric Fruit Juicer

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An All-Around Portable Blender with Limitless Possibilities

Behold the newest and most innovative blender technology design in the market! Whenever and wherever you are, you can now make your favorite beverages in one tap. Rest assured that all the materials used in this awesome item are food-grade ABS and food-grade PP. Whether a shake or a smoothie, it is all yours now!

Portable Yet Energy-Efficient Charging Mechanism

Being portable is already awesome, but this USB Electric Mixer Fruit Smoothie Blender has a lot more to offer! You do not have to worry about its battery life anymore. It is 100% guaranteed that it can make you at least 15 drinks in one charge. Isn’t it amazing? This portable blender also comes with a Smart USB Mini Juice Cup and a USB Power Cord which makes it possible to charge from adapters, power banks, laptops, or even your carports!

Equipped With the Sharpest Stainless-Steel Blades for Blenders

Are you worried that this blender cannot cut anything? Well, do not fret because, with its four-edged stainless-steel blades, even ice cubes sliced smoothly as tofu! From fruits, vegetables, to proteins, and shakes, you can mince them all. Remember to turn your blender upside down for the best results.

Short-Circuit Proof Charging System

If you happen to wonder, how are you going to clean this blender, we offer you its ONE BUTTON CLEANING feature. Just add enough water to the cup before pushing the button and you are good to go. Its USB port located at the bottom of the cup helps prevent any short circuit. You can now ensure a safe and cost-effective portable blender for under $80!

Double-Tap Is All You Need

Fast, easy, and quality drinks are now within your reach! Start by adding the ingredients and water to the cup, double click the switch, shake, and done! It is that easy. Enjoy your favorite fruit juice, baby food, smoothies, and milkshakes in two clicks.

Blend Your Drinks Anytime and Anywhere

USB Electric Mixer Fruit Smoothie Blender is perfect for people who love to travel. It is light, compact, and easy to use. You can place it in your car, kitchen, gym, and camps. Its design is made in order to fit the palm of your hand. Just grab, blend, shake, and drink to feel refreshed.

A Cup and A Blender in One

Tired of making shakes from large and bulky blenders? Try this newest USB Electric Mixer Fruit Smoothie Blender! You can achieve fast fruit extraction through its powerful motor in no time. Afterward, you can directly drink through it because it also serves as a cup. Isn’t it fascinating? Yes, it is really possible so buy now!

2-In-1 Portable Blender

Aside from blending fruits, sipping through its straws is something to craved for. It is wide and short that delivers your drinks directly through your throats. For only $39.99 you can now enjoy this package!

Compatible Cleaning Brush

Avoid stress by cleaning your USB Electric Mixer Fruit Smoothie Blender with this smooth cleaning brush. Its foam is specially made to brush off the remains from your previous blend. It also prevents any damage to the blades to prolong its use. Just add $2 and it's all yours.

Complete Package Three-Piece Suit Under $42!

Spending more will be worth it in these extra 2 sanitized straws, a straw brush, and a cleaning brush. Is there anything to wish for? Taking a sip from your freshly blend juice is truly soothing. Hurry and avail now!

It Is Not Just the Looks

The new USB Electric Mixer Fruit Smoothie Blender is undoubtedly beautiful on the outside but what about its performance? Well, in mere 45 seconds, you can squeeze out all the juices from any fruit want to eat. Despite being small and portable, its functionality is not something for looks only.

Lightest Portable Blender

Towering a height of 225mm and a width of 78mm, this blender only weighs around 0.32kg. Easy to carry even in one hand! It can also hold a volume of 400mL despite being small.

Installed With a Powerful Battery

After 15 full blendings of beverage, this portable blender can handle 3 hours of charging time. Although it is not that fast, it is necessary to supply a powerful battery inside the blender. Once finished, you can blend again.

The Magic of Silicone

Both its sealing ring and base have silicone to prevent any slipping. It also ensures a tight grip on the cup to avoid spilling. Even on slippery surfaces, this portable blender will never waver!

Ergonomic Design

Its cup body and switch button are both design to their maximum functionality. It can easily fit your mouth for drinking and suits your finger when open opening the device.

Charge Here, Charge There, Charge Everywhere

Type C USB ports are the most common charging models for gadgets. Thankfully this USB Electric Mixer Fruit Smoothie Blender is also one of them. You can literally charge them almost everywhere because of this.

The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

We also provide a 12-month warranty on all the packages that we offer. We also have an appealing package design on all of them. On any occasion like Christmas, New Year, or even a birthday party, USB Electric Mixer Fruit Smoothie Blender is the perfect gift.

3-Step Blending Process

Place, click, and shake! With these 3 easy steps, you can operate our portable fruit mixer in less than a minute. Any fruits or vegetables are easily sliced through its blades. Now, make your favorite drink in just 3 steps!

Nutritious And Delicious

With a wide variety of selections, USB Electric Mixer Fruit Smoothie Blender can make you anything that you want. If ever that you are on a diet, the more the reason that you should buy this! You can intake any vitamins and minerals through all the blended fruits that you can make.

All In One Portable Mixer Blender

Avail now our new USB Electric Mixer Fruit Smoothie Blender and enjoy its amazing features. It has long battery life, high-grade steel blades, one-click cleaning, food-grade material, and a versatile charging feature! What more can you ask? It is all here! Under $40 you can make and drink your favorite beverage in no time!

Due to OVERWHELMING DEMAND, please allow 7-15 Days for delivery.