Attachable Computer Desk Armrest Pad

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Feeling hand, neck, shoulder pain due to computer use?

Be at home or office, sitting long hours working on computers often cause nagging pain in your arm, elbow, and shoulders. The pain unless prevented turns out to be a cause for concern.

While working on a computer or laptop, you don’t have many options to place your hand comfortably. Either you place it on the table or on the arm of your chair.

Such position gives rise to pain in your hand that radiates to the shoulder and when not controlled becomes chronic. It can impact your lifestyle and the overall fitness while inhibiting your ability to work.

There are treatment options, including painkillers, which give you temporary relief. But if you want a permanent solution, you need to work for the pain prevention.

Presenting the Attachable Computer Desk Armrest Pad that can help you keep the pain at bay.

As an armrest pad, it helps rest your hand comfortably while operating the keypad, mouse, or touchpad. It keeps your wrist protected from any stress and strain.

The design allows distribution of the weight and this reduces stress on the wrist, neck, and shoulder muscles that computer users experience. It can be easily adjusted and is highly portable. You can dismantle it in a few seconds and carry wherever you go.

Size: :29 x 12cm


  • Attachable armrest
  • Wrist rest pad
  • Protection for hand and shoulder
  • For comfortable sitting position
  • Strong ABS plastic material
  • Attach to table or chair or workstation upto 4.8cm thick
  • Chair extender for table
  • Extremely portable
Due to OVERWHELMING DEMAND, please allow 7-15 Days for delivery.