H65 Foldable Mini Pocket Drone

Looking For A Cool Drone To Fly Around?

Drones are one of the most exciting RC toys and flying them can be really fun. However, most drones in the market are of no use and tend to develop problems after some time. The H65 is an awesome RC Drone that is designed to be long-lasting and fun to fly!

This amazing Mini Drone has a very unique shape that makes it portable and compact. The golden egg-shaped drone fits easily into your bag's pocket. Moreover, it has foldable wings that automatically fold in and out with a switch, making it even smaller in size. 

This Pocket Drone is capable of performing amazing tricks and is also equipped with gravity sensors that allow it to hold itself constant at a specific altitude. There is a button in its remote controller that if pressed, causes it to take-off and land immediately.

In addition to this, its headless mode is something that makes flying it very convenient. It judges where its user is standing and shifts its head accordingly, eliminating the need to remember its head side. 

Finally, this Personal Drone boasts a flight time of up to 6 minutes and a range of 50m!


  • Remote Control
  • Egg-Shaped With Foldable Wings
  • Golden Color
  • Altitude Holding
  • Headless Flying: No Need To Remember Orientation
  • 50 m Range


1 * Drone egg
1 * G-sensor Controller
2 * propellers
1 * USB Charger
1 * screwdriver
1 * manual

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