5-Layer Cloth Face Masks For Adults

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Need to protect yourself from dust and pollution? 


What can be better than an anti-pollution mask with a 5-layer filtration system that stops particles as small as PM 2.5? Whether you need to wear the mask at hazardous workplaces, in heavy on-road traffic, or at home or parties, this anti-pollutant mask provides you complete comfort without ruining your style. Our mask is breathable, easy-to-wear, and does not irritate the skin. You can also wear it with glasses as it does not lead to fogging. The mask successfully passes the test of time with its free filtration papers and reusable features.

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How it works?

The mask includes five layers, which are: 

  • Spinning cloth
  • Meltblown cloth 
  • Activated carbon cloth
  • Meltblown cloth
  • Spinning cloth

When you inhale air, it passes through all these five layers that refine and filter dust particles, pollens, allergens, microbes, etc.


How to Use?


Step 1: Pull the elastic loops over your ears and adjust the mask over your nose

Step 2: The mask shall cover the area from your nose to your chin

Step 3: Wash and reuse as necessary

Step 4: Replace the filter when it becomes yellowish or stained

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  • 5 Layer Filtration System: Made with active carbon and melt-blown cloth layers to protect you from dust, oil, pollution, and particles as small as PM 2.5
  • Maximum Protection: Each mask comes with two PM 2.5 filtration papers to extend its life 
  • Highly Breathable: Made with breathable material which does not hold humidity and keeps you cool
  • Anti-Fogging: You can wear it safely with glasses without the fear of blurring your view
  • Prevents Allergens: Filters pollens and allergens with the maximum capacity
  • Washable and Reusable:  Reuse and wash as necessary
  • Adjustable Elastic Loops: Wear comfortably over your ears with elastic strings
  • 100% Non-Toxic: Safe to wear anywhere you go and anytime
  • Fashionable Design: Be the center of attraction with its stylish mask design


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