Electric Therapy Heating Pad Blanket

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Are you tired of the daily activities that result in muscle pain and unnecessary worries? We have the solution for you!

When you need a comfortable product that keeps your muscles, back, neck, and shoulder in a relaxing position, our electric heating pad can be the perfect option to choose.

The remedy works to boost circulations, repair damaged muscles, relieve inflammation, and improve back stiffness.

Whether you are tired of the severe muscle pain or you need to soothe your body, this electric heating pad can deliver the comfort you need.

These warm-up within seconds and are much safer to use. 2-hour auto power-off feature with a long power chord allows you to save energy and prevents burns caused by excessive heating.

Features :

Eliminates fatigue:

The electric heating mat works effectively to eliminate fatigue while accelerating the blood circulation, activating tissue cells, and promoting metabolism.

Six heat settings:

The electric therapy heating mats are designed with six heat settings; you can select to let the pad run continuously or use the time to keep the heating setting for up to 2 hours.

Premium material:

The high-quality soft and smooth fabric provides a comfortable feeling while warming your body, relaxing the muscles, speeding you the blood circulation, and improving human immunity.

Soothing heat in 30 seconds:

The heating blanket pad provides heat relief in 30 seconds for the fast heat and relief features that increase the blood flow while promoting faster healing and muscle relaxation.


Whether you are suffering from hyperplasia or waist arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, cold stomach persons, pain, dysmenorrhea, or cold extremities, you can rely on our heating mat.


  • Reliability - Easy to clean and maintain
  • Suitability- Effective pain relief
  • Safe Relaxation - Reduces stiffness in sore muscles and joints
  • Stuff- Super-soft microfiber
  • Washable - Easy care for a longer lifespan
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