Endoscopic Ear Cleaning Tool With Live Imaging Support

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How to clean your ear safely at home?

One in every three persons using a bud to clean ears faces the risk of infection, eardrum puncture, and the loss of hearing ability.

Medical experts even warn against using cotton swabs. Like buds, these can also turn dangerous. Cotton swabs may push the wax to deeper leading its accumulation in the ear canal.

Thus, "do-it-yourself" ear cleaning may lead to wax super impacted wax as well as damage to the eardrum and canal skin.

However, visiting an ENT clinic after every few days is not a feasible option considering time and costs. So, how to clean the ear at home without negative consequences?

Introducing the innovative Endoscopic Ear Cleaning Tool With Live Imaging Support.

Say goodbye to traditional ways that can be dangerous. The endoscopic ear cleaning tool has a mini camera that transmits images to your laptop or android smartphone when connected. You can see images that guide you to clean your ear.

The shaft is matte smooth preventing any injury inside your ear. You can select from the adhesive ear pick, cotton stick, and earmuffs to flush out wax deposits.


  • Endoscopic ear cleaning
  • Live imaging support for ear cleaning
  • No injury to the eardrum or ear canal
  • Clear view of the ear canal
  • Optimum ear protection
  • Adjustable LED brightness
  • Comfortable, healthy, reassuring
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