EMS Advanced Muscle Stimulator

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How to get a six pack?

Have you ever imagined how your bulging abdomen impacts your personality!  It is also a health issue, as an expanded waistline is a sign that you are obese. When you are obese, your body has less adiponectin. This makes you prone to diabetes, cancer, and pancreatitis. You are also at the risk of metabolic and digestive disorders.   

You need to hit the gym for ab exercises and reduce your waistline. But you don’t have time to hit the gym due to personal and professional commitments. How to get that enviable flat stomach without joining the gym?

Introducing the new EMS Advanced Muscle Stimulator.

The ab muscle stimulator firms, tones, and tightens muscles. Its smart chip uses electromagnetic pulses similar to high-efficiency, natural abdomen muscle-strengthening exercises. PU leather cover makes sure you feel comfortable.

It has an easy push-button to operate. There are six modes of electromagnetic pulse creation. It induces effective exercise of abdomen muscles in just 30 minutes a day.

Get this automatic ab muscle toner and start your journey to get a six pack fast.


  • Tones, tightens ab muscles
  • Uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) technology
  • Perfect alternative to gym workout for a flat stomach
  • Strengthens using electromagnetic pulses
  • Six modes of operation
  • Push-on button to start and stop
  • Effective exercise ab muscle toner


Due to OVERWHELMING DEMAND, please allow at least 2-4 weeks for delivery.