Electronic Cordless Vacuum Ear Wax Removal Kit

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How many of you overlook proper aural hygiene and forget about the ears for stretches of time? With thisear wax removal kit, you’ll keep your ears healthy and clean.

The ears have to be one of the trickier body parts to keep healthy because there is so much conflicting advice on how to go about ear cleaning.

The makers of this ear wax removal kit claim that this is a safer way to rid your ears of water and dirt than using a Q-Tip.

We all know you’re not supposed to put a cotton swab in your ear canal, as this can puncture your eardrum and cause severe damage.

Well, how to get wax out of ear than?

Using these ear cleaning tools is just as fast if not faster than using a cotton swab, so it would save you a bit of time, but it would also be more effective, so it would really be cutting down on your level of commitment to ear health and hygiene.

The electronic earwax kit provides 360-degree circular inhalation, which has a safe length to protect your eardrum.

It’s small and discreet so you can enjoy the cleaning ears at any time and anywhere.

Product Benefits

  • Upgraded and Safer Design - Longer enough to reach the itching part of your ear and with silicone head to keep a safer and more efficient operation than the cotton swab.
  • Easy to Use - Just press the button, then need to insert carefully and gently into your ear canal, it will vibrate and suck the earwax into the vacuum.
  • Effective to Clean - Stubborn attached to the ear can also be clean after the suction, like a vacuum cleaner.
  • Quality Materials - Soft, comfortable and safe elastic material, no damage to the eardrum, protect your ears. Can be used in different size of ear hole.
  • Portable - It is small and easy to carry.
  • Easy to clean and replace two soft heads.
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