Personal Body, Neck Air Cooler Belt

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How can you keep your body cool during summer?

Torrid summer heat is a big issue for everyone. Hot days become an agony with your movements restricted. Your clamor for cool air remains limited to indoors only.

Imagine, how tormenting the summer heat is when you are jogging, waiting for the bus, or walking your dog.

Introducing Personal Body, Neck Air Cooler Belt, which can minimize your inconvenience and allow your body to enjoy cool breeze even in hot humid outdoor.

Just soak it in water or spray on it, the neck air cooler belt will keep you cool.  Made of ABS and plastic, it weighs around 500 gm.

You can wear it around your neck at the jobsite, on the road, during outdoor activities, and also while doing exercise. The neck belt reduces your body temperature with natural cooling.


  • Personal cooling system to beat the summer heat
  • Natural cooling technology
  • Can use everywhere at home or at work
  • Neck  cooling zone
  • Wet it, slide it, and enjoy the cool air
  • Reduces body heat
  • No fan, no battery, no refrigeration
Due to OVERWHELMING DEMAND, please allow 7-15 Days for delivery.