Drain Dredging Spring Pipe| Sewer Blockage Tool

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Say NO to Sewer Blockage Once And For All

Are you tired of investing your bucks in the drainage cleaners and yet get no permanent solutions? Well, most of us are! And it's quite a headache. Amidst all the other essential tasks of the world, why does it have to be the SEWER? 

For us, as long as the water is moving out of the sink of our kitchens or bathrooms, everything's smooth, until that one very day when we face the most disgusting problem - 'The water not sinking in.' The situation gets out of our hands. It has never been an absolute priority to check the sewer/drainage systems of our homes. Faulty sewer problems can be natural stress and commotion in every household. And if you have ever noticed how risky and costly, that can be, to start repairing it on our own or by some professionals. 

Well, no worries, as we have the new and innovative Drain Dredging Spring Cleaner Pipe ready right in front of you. It has been a blessing to use this tool anytime we have clogged sewers and drainage problems. 


Quick and Easy

  • It just takes 30 seconds to get the work done using this tool. You can connect this spring pipe with the driller and slide it in any clogged sewers. 
  • Whether it's your kitchen, toilet, bathtub, or any possible sewers, this spring pipe grabs every blockage and takes it out quickly, making the slow-moving water pass easily.


Easy to Grip

  • This spring pipe has a comfortable grip to grab all sorts of debris, starting from hair to plastics to even any valuable items that might have passed down the sink.
  • It has got four claws to grab particles. All you need to do is connect the initial end of the pipe to the driller, press it to release the claws, and once it gets hold of the debris, release your finger to let the claws grab it and pull it out of the sewers. 

  • Don't worry, as the driller holds the pipe tightly to prevent it from accidental fall or getting released.

Long Length and Bendable

  • This spring steel cable pipe comes at a length of 40 inches/100cm and keeps you away from the worries of reaching the depth of the sewers.
  • It has a Helical Spring Head to dredge the blockage and grab out the clogged garbage quickly.

  • Luckily, It also offers a 90 ° bending convenience to slide and bend in any possible manner and depth of the sewer.


Durable and Environment Friendly


  • This Drain Dredging cleaner comprises high-quality Manganese steel and spring steel wire, so there are no worries of low flexibility.
  • It is resilient to rusting even after vigorous sewer treatments, therefore, proving to be the best companion when in need.

  • It doesn't require the usage of any chemicals, so you're good with your pipes.


  • This tool comes with an easy universal interfaceproving convenient to connect any electric drills.
  • It is suitable for kitchen sinks, toilets, bathtubs, floor drains, etc. This cable pipe is the best plumbing tool to resolve all your sewer blockage problems within seconds.

Package Contents:

  • Drain Dredging Spring - 1
  • Electric Drill Connector - 1


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Without delaying further, grab a chance and get yourself ready with your First Order! Hurry Up and bid Adios to your drainage issues forever.

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