DIY Dream Color Background Lighting Kit for Smart TVs and PC


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Are you looking for an ambient lighting system that is affordable and works on both TV and computer?


Take your movies, music videos, and games to the next level with Dream Color. This ambient lighting system is suitable for all android TVs (with the android version above 5.1) and Windows, Linux, and Raspberry Pi computers.

Dream Color uses smart lighting to fine-tune the background of your screen with on-screen colors. Gamers can also use it to boost their gaming experience. Dream Color Ambilight system is a huge delight for all tech lovers and gamers. 


How it Works? 

Dream Color uses 60 LEDs of different colors to light the background behind any Mac Os, Windows computer, Android TV/TV Boxes, and more. It synchronizes with your TV using Smart APP and AmbiBox application that you can download from the native app store of your television.

DIY ambilight TV


How to Use?

Step 1: Stick the LED strip to your TV. Only cut if necessary

Step 2: Connect the strip and Dream Color with the provided DC power cable splitter

Step 3: Connect the splitter to the power adapter and Dream Color with your television

Step 4: Switch on the power adapter

Step 5: Install and configure the AmbiBox APP and you are done



  • Immersive experience: Watch any action, adventure, or thriller movie in immersive intensifying colors

  • Extravagant Gaming: Make video games more realistic by Ambi-lighting your gaming den

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: You can use Dream Box on Mac Os, Windows, Linux, Android/TV Boxes, and Raspberry Pi systems

  • Energy Efficient: An affordable and reliable approach to ambient lighting without costing you a fortune

  • Long Power Cable: There's no need for you to use a power extension board. Dream Color comes with a 4-5m long power cable.

  • Easy to Install: You do not need to be a tech expert to install Dream Color. Just stick the adhesive led strip on your TV and read the instructions. 


Package content:

  • 1 * LED Strip

  • 1 * Light Box

  • 1 * USB Cable

  • 1 * Power Adapter 

Get lounge experience in your home now. Order Dream Color today!

Note: it only works on Android TV & PC

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