DIY 3D Printer Kit

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Crazy About 3D Printers?

Prototyping is a very important stage in the design process of any product. The modern way of making prototypes is the rapid prototyping tool: 3D printers. These devices can print out an actual prototype of literally anything if you have a CAD model. We offer you an advanced and very accurate 3D Printer Kit so you can produce as many prototypes as you like!​

Our DIY 3D Printer has an impressive maximum print size of 150mm x 150mm x 150mm! Moreover, it uses a range of 3D printer filament with PLA being the most recommended one from us. Its quick printing speed of up to 150mm/s truly makes it a "Rapid" Prototyping device!

This amazing DIY 3D Pritner comes in the form of an easily poratble kit that you have to assemble yourself. The frame is made up of strong and lightweight Aluminum with a fiberglass base plate and remarkably engineered mechanism for movememet in all 3 axes. Each of these elements make this desktop 3D printer the perfect prototyping tool.


Nozzle * 2 pcs
Filament * 10 meters
Fiberglass * 1pcs
Pliers * 2pcs
SD card * 1pcs


  • Portable DIY 3D Printer Kit
  • 150x150x150 mm print size
  • Aluminum Profile with Fiberglass base plate
  • Precise movements in all 3 axes
  • Works with a range of printing filaments including PLA
  • High printing speed of up to 150 mm/s
Due to OVERWHELMING DEMAND, please allow 7-15 Days for delivery.