Cloudy Foggy Car Headlight DIY Cleaning Kit

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How to clean foggy, cloudy car headlights?

Clean and bright headlamps of your car are an indication of your love for your car. It is not just a style statement, but an essential precondition for safe driving.

Imagine you are driving on a hilly road at night, but your headlamps don’t emit adequate brightness. The driving could be a risk amid low lighting.

A clean headlight also boosts the value of an old car.

Does this mean you have to change your car headlamps at regular interval?

No, certainly not. The alternative is this Cloudy, Foggy Car Headlight DIY Cleaning Kit.

It turns yellow plastic in to bright and restores the clarity thereby by saving you from expensive replacements.

Three types of sanding discs give almost professional results by removing discoloration through the 5-step process that takes about an hour. The DYI car headlamp kit is easy to use with its protect liquid, polish paste, and mask.

The blue soft absorbent washcloth makes cleaning handy.


  • DIY headlamp cleaning kit
  • Once kit for two headlamps
  • Economical, maximizes brightness
  • Eliminates yellowness, haze, and discoloration
  • Specially designed sanding disc, polish, and sealant
  • Eliminates scratches, cloudy look, dullness
  • Improves vehicle look
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