Smart V Chin Line Up Lifter


Sharp and Edgy jawlines are now possible Effortlessly!!!

Yes! Double chins do ruin the show and take away the spotlight you deserve. Who doesn't love sharp jawlines? They are one of the beautiful features adding confidence to our faces.

The thought of having double chins or triple chins on our faces is enough to ruin our moods. It impulsively moves our fingers to the phone screen, and the next moment we are seen strolling through topics like "how to reduce double chin, what exercises are needed to prevent double chin, diet chart to reduce double chin, etc, etc." 

Nonetheless, in medical terms, a double chin or a triple chin is common, and though they say it's nothing to worry about as it's just a layer of fat taking hostage under our chin, yet at the end of the day, it is a deadly horrific sight. It does succeed in harming the self-image of many people. And having a double chin does not necessarily mean you are fat or healthy. 

So people may still choose to go through the traditional methods of surfing the net with how to, what to, when to, why to topics, but here, today we have the best offer you can't resist. So if you are someone as worried and cautious as we are, why not have a look at this exciting and effective 'Smart V Chin Line Up Lifter?'



Aesthetic and Lightweight 

Smart Chin Lifter V shape  Red
  • This belt machine comes with a unique face fit design. It fits the skin surface, i.e., the chin and the jawline, perfectly.

  • It offers an adjustable elastic band that freely adjusts the size of your face according to the shape without putting any restraints.



  • This device contains silicone material that helps the face fit more comfortably even while sleeping. (Now that's something to feel lucky about!)




6 Unique Modes

  • The device now comes with six easy modes to lift your chin effectively

  • Firm Contour: EMS (Tuina function) + Red Light

  • V-shaped Shaping: EMS (Kneading function)

  • Low-Frequency Magnetic Therapy: EMS (Gua Sha function) + Red Light

  • Sterilization and Swelling: EMS (Beating function) + Heating + Red Light

  • Clean Acne Beauty:  Red Light

  • Photon Rejuvenation: EMS (Acupuncture function) + Vibration + Blue Light

V chin smart lifter

Special Mechanism


  • The EMS microcurrent helps stimulate the production of ATR, which, in turn, stimulates the human subcutaneous tissue.

  • It works to improve facial muscle fiber elasticity and activates collagen activity, further tightening the skin.

  • Red Light irradiation is used to clean, sterilize, protect, and strengthen skin absorption (of creams, lotions, and any skincare products) and helps in skin repairing. It effectively balances the skin oil, whitens spots, and reduces skin pores.

  • Blue Light irradiation helps improve skin cell activity, promoting skin metabolism, accelerates blood circulation, boosts skin elasticity, and rejuvenates the skin by removing wrinkles. The blue light also aids in anti-aging and anti-oxidations.

  • The adjustable vibration mode on the face tightens the facial muscles, lifts the chin, and edges the jawline, adding shape to the face.

V chin smart lifterV chin smart lifter Blue light

Simple and Easy-to-Use

  • This lifting machine comes with an easily operable one-key start feature with a user-friendly remote control to operate efficiently.

  • It has a foldable design, hence becomes easy-to-use as well as easy-to-carry. What's better is its compact and lovely design.

6 Gears to suit every individual

This fascinating device comes with an adjustable six gears suiting the taste of every individual. How?

  • Gears 1-2: Suitable for people using it for the first time. It aims at people more sensitive to stress and possesses thin cuticles.

  • Gears 3-4: Suitable for people using it for 2-3 weeks. It aims at people with moderate stress and masseter hypotrophy with a double chin.

  • Gears 5-6: Suitable for people using it for over three months. It aims at people with severe stress and broad and flat mandibles.

Comforting Gels

The V line chin lifting machine is equipped with a pair of gels to feel better comfort brought by the EMS microcurrent.


  • Material: ABS + Silicone

  • Power: 3.5 Watts

  • Charging Voltage: DC 3.5-5.0 Volts

  • Battery Capacity: 750 mAh

  • Charging Time:About 4 hours (Note: When charging, the indicator light is red. Once the charge is complete, the indicator light turns off)

  • Use Time: About 3 hours of continuous use

  • Hot Compress Temperature:2ºC - 42ºC 

  • Modes: Contour tightening, V-shaped shaping, Low-frequency magnetic therapy, Sterilization and Swelling reduction, Acne cleansing, Photon rejuvenation.

  • Gear positions: 6 Gears

  • Light Therapy: Blue and Red

  • Power Cord Length: 44cm - 2cm

Package Inclusions:

  • Face-lifting devicex 1

  • User Manualx 1

  • Power Cord x 1

  • Remote Control x 1

  • Adjusting Bandage x 1

  • Gel - 1 pair


Grab this amazing offer and start shaping your chin to get a modeling jawline.