Portable 12v High-Pressure Car Washing Gun Pump

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Are you worried over road dirt on your car and need a cleaning solution?

Certainly dust and dirt on your car, especially if you are habitual of maintaining it well, look upsetting. It is no wonder that car owners love a clean and sparkling car to drive office or to place of events. Road dirt on it is quite distressing, as it gives a bad impression of your cleanliness.

Imagine, you driving your car to your fiancee’s home to meet her parents and road dirt taking out the shine of your car. Sending your car to the garage is an option only if you have time and money. Again, it is not feasible to have your car washed at a garage daily.

Still, you have an economical option. Have this special Portable 12v High-Pressure Car Washing Gun Pumptailor-made for the daily and quick car wash.

The 12v charger allows it to be connected to your car's port without any issue. Both the pressure pump, the supply hose, and customized pressure switches are made of quality plastic, and there is no chance of giving an electric shock.

Spring-loaded pistons ensure the pump draws water consistently while the water gun can splash water. The gun has a fixing handle, tension adjustment screw, adjustable water flower, high-quality rubber coated handle, and leak-proof outlet connector.

The car washing kit is easy to use and convenient to clean.


  • Easy to operate
  • Quality product
  • Multiple washing modes
  • Rotating design
  • Highly adjustable water gun
  • Real-time voltage monitoring
  • Secure, controllable, independent switches
  • Portable and handy
  • Safe and enduring


  • A Towel
  • A car sponge

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