Anti Gravity Paint Palette

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Tired of Having a Messy Paint Palette Each Time You Paint? 

Art is all about creative freedom and expressing yourselves. However, an artist needs peace of mind to do this and there definitely is no peace of mind if your paint holder is always messy. What you need is an Anti-Gravity Paint Palette!


With this no spill palette, you can create your masterpiece without any worries of your paint getting wasted. This paint holder is designed to keep all your paint in place and not move out like in any normal palette. This means that different colors do not spill out and mix into each other, saving you lots of money and effort. 

This Anti Gravity Paint Tray can carry up to 12oz of paint and can be held at any angle: even upside down, and that paint would not fall off! Up to 6 colors can be accommodated in its spacious tray.

You can use this paint holder for all sorts of tasks. It has a very comfortable and adjustable strap that helps you grip it with one hand and take it anywhere with you. 


  • No spill palette
  • Can be held at any angle 
  • Can hold up to 12 oz of paint
  • Up to 6 colors in your paint tray
  • No wastage of paint
  • Adjustable strap for better handling
Due to OVERWHELMING DEMAND, please allow 7-15 Days for delivery.