Android Media Player TV Stick WiFi Display Receiver Dongle

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Want to connect your mobile to your TV wireless?

The latest technology has made mobile phones sharper and better. However, the big screen experience still eludes.

The real action continues to be always on the big screen. Mobile cannot match this.

No doubt today’s phones have HD resolutions. But big displays with effective sound have their own impact and aura.

So, how to bridge the gap and integrate the convenience of mobile with the TV display?

Introducing Android Media Player TV Stick Wifi Display Receiver Dongle.

It offers all types of cross-platform and latest OS compatibility. You can connect smartphone, laptop, and tablet to TV, projector in wireless mode. The inbuilt USB plug ensures power supply.

With the TV dongle, you can enjoy seamless web surfing, video streaming, movies, and photo visuals in 1080p HD  casting. No heating or extra power consumption issue. The TV stick is portable and easy to carry.

The RK3036 dual-core Cortex - A7 processor is intelligence to do fast processing and computing. Just plug and play.


  • Highly compatible
  • Portable
  • Plug and play
  • No driver required
  • Supports most cross platforms
  • Support latest OS versions
  • 1080P HD screening
  • RK3036 dual-core Cortex - A7
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