Adjustable Shoulder Support Brace

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Do you have a shoulder injury? Are you suffering from a shoulder sprain or pain?

Are you a sportsperson who plays contact sports?

Presenting the all-in-one use Adjustable Shoulder Support Brace. Whether you have shoulder pain due to injury, athletic activities, arthritis, or joint dislocation, this shoulder support brace is the one that can give you immense relief.

Imagine you have a slip and fall accident that injures your shoulder blade. Unless you have a healing support for a few days, the inflammation may increase causing radiating pain. Even you may have temporary rotator cuff disability.

This back guard strap belt made of high-quality neoprene provides ample support to the injured shoulder.  Even pain due to arthritis can be controlled using this magnetic shoulder support brace.

When you are playing sports or joining activities with the previous history of sprain, strain, or joint dislocation, this shoulder support brace can be used as a precaution and protection to avoid injury. 

If you have an injury or operation, get this shoulder support brace immediately for swift healing.


  • Unisex shoulder support brace
  • Perfect For shoulder pain management
  • Prevents shoulder injury
  • Speeds up healing of injured shoulder
  • Perfect to manage arthritis pain in the shoulder
  • Suitable for shoulder sprains and dislocation
  • Perfect shoulder protection against sporting Injuries
  • Adjustable back guard wrap belt
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