9 in 1 Multi-Function Pushup Stand for Intense Home Workout

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The #1 reason why people quit home workout is no visible gains, and to see gains, you must remain consistent, which is even more difficult when you are stuck at home for weeks. But, is that a reason good enough to halt your intense workout sessions? This is where our 9 in 1 multi-function pushup stand comes to rescue with precise hand placement marked to give you deep activation in chest, triceps, shoulders, and traps. 

9 in 1 pushup board

Now you can say no to all the pushup mistakes and see constant gains even during the Coronavirus confinement. Remain consistent and grow muscles, boost strength, and improve endurance, all at home with our pushup equipment

  • Designed with high-quality materials to provide you with proper stability during pushups and reduce injury risks
  • Hand placements with colored slots so that you can hit different muscle groups in the correct form:

 Blue – For a Chiselled chest

 Red – For Stunning shoulders

 Green – For Terrific Triceps

 Yellow – For Tall Traps

  • This pushup stand is suitable for a variety of pushup exercises including military pushups, Spiderman pushups, sphinx pushups, and more.
  • Useful for staying consistent at home and improve your training volume gradually
  • Fit for both men and women, beginners, intermediate, advance bodybuilders and even hard gainers
  • Budget-Friendly and Trusted pushup equipment that saves your time and meets global standards

Time to reach your fitness goals is now! Order today.

Due to OVERWHELMING DEMAND, please allow 7-15 Days for delivery.