4-Bulb LED Hollywood Makeup Mirror Light

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How to turn a normal mirror into a Hollywood make-up mirror?

You are using the premium make-up tools and branded elements. Still, your make up is lacking somewhere. What could be the possible reason? Perhaps, the issue is with your vanity mirror. All that you need a perfectly illuminated vanity mirror.

How to get the best-lighted makeup mirror? How to turn your vanity desk with mirror and lights? Where to get a Hollywood mirror with lights?

Presenting the 4-Bulb Make-Up Mirror Light. It can turn your normal mirror into a Hollywood bulb mirror.

With the incorporation of the quad light technology, it ensures even illumination of mirrors with lights around them. The cosmetic mirror with lights gives a semblance of natural brightness.

These makeup mirror bulbs are cordless and run on 4 AA batteries. No wiring or adhesive is needed. They remain cool allowing you to have a great LED makeup vanity.

Lights mounted on mirror lasts up to 50,000 hours. You can carry them anywhere and use on any mirror at any place.

You can use these four makeup mirror bulbs on your vanity desk, bedroom, bath, or during the party.


  • LED lights for vanity mirrors
  • Make Hollywood mirror with lights at home
  • Wireless lights mounted on the mirror
  • Natural, even illumination
  • No wiring required, battery operated
  • Highly portable
  • Last up to 50,000 hours
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