360 Adjustable Wide Angle Blind Spot Car Mirror For Safe Parking

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How to handle blind spots while parking your car? 

Your car’s mirrors are not able to rotate 360 degrees. This results in blind spots – an area around your car that you are unable to see while at the wheels.

Imagine, there is a rock behind your car and you are unable to see that through your windshield. You run a risk of damaging your bumper. If there is a child standing behind, there could be grave consequences.

Even on tight parking zones, you stand a chance to backend your car or cross “no-parking” lines.

To handle such blind spots, many often buy expensive parking sensors, rear-view cameras, high-end lens, and other sophisticated equipment. Introducing 360 Adjustable Wide Angle Blind Spot Car Mirror for Safe Parking, a cheaper and affordable solution.

The HD glass mirror is of the second generation. It is sturdy and durable and removes blind spots perfectly. You can see both front and rear and adjust the side stop line precisely.

The 360-degree rotating mirror allows adjusting the angle of reflection from any point.  It is easy to install with the 3m strong double adhesive.


  • Expands horizons
  • Reduce blind spots
  • Prevent security risks
  • Sturdy HD mirror glass
  • Ultra HD water resistant glass
  • Stable function even in bad weather
  • ABS anti-collision shell

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