2pcs Waterproof All-Material Adhesive Glue Sealant

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Looking for an adhesive that can work on all materials?

Imagine you have bought a plastic adhesive but it is for sticking broken toys only. You have to again buy another glass adhesive when needed to for crystals. If you accidentally break your jewelry, you need one that can help a metal adhesive to stick the broken parts together.

Another ceramic adhesive you may require if you broke any souvenir. If the object is wooden, again you have to buy a wood adhesive.

Don’t you feel it tasking to have a box of adhesives with one each for different purposes? Again, they may dry unless used for long.

So, what you need is the one for all purposes. This Waterproof All-Material Adhesive Glue Sealant is the best option.

The one-in-all adhesive works to fix broken ceramic tiles, jewelry, wooden, glass, metal, and even stone objects. It even helps paste an object on the wet or cemented wall. And the glue also works as a waterproof sealant.


  • Adhesive for plastic, glass, metal, wood, ceramic tiles, marble
  • Jewelry, mirror adhesive
  • All-in-one adhesive solution
  • Waterproof sealant
  • Powerful glue
  • Turns dry in 12 to 24 hrs
  • Silicone Sealant
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