2-in-1 Dog Travel Bottle, Pet Feeder And Water Bowl

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Looking for a lightweight, portable dog travel bottle and bowl set?

Your pet dog is an important part of your family life and he often accompanies you on long drives, vacations, hiking tours, and weekend holidays. However, carrying his metal feeding bowl is a nuance. Again having a low-quality plastic bowl is a health hazard that increases the risk of bloating.

If you don’t get a secure bowl and bottle set to serve food and water to your furry friend, he is likely to fall prey to infections and serious health issues, such as canine distemper.

Does it mean you have to leave your dog at home every time you go on a holiday or spend long hours outdoors? No, never. At least, until you have this 2-In-1 Dog Travel Bottle, Pet Feeder and Water Bowl  set.

This exclusive pet travel accessory is made of high-quality plastic and there is no chance of it causing bloating in your dog. You may use the bottle both for carrying water and food. It has two chambers each separated from the other and tightly locked to allow storage of both water and food separately.

The collapsible pet bowl can also be used for serving both food and water. High-grade plastic makes sure it is durable and leak proof.

You can easily carry the 2-in-1dog food, water bottle and bowl set. It is large enough to carry sufficient water and food for a dog and make sure you are a caring pet owner.


  • 2-in-1 pet travel set
  • Portable bottle and bowl
  • For carrying and serving both food and water
  • Good quality plastic
  • Easy to carry and hold
  • No health hazard

If you are a responsible pet parent, go for it. The offer at a budget price is only for a few days.

Due to OVERWHELMING DEMAND, please allow 7-15 Days for delivery.