10pcs Detox Foot Patches

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What is the easiest and quickest way to detox the body?

Accumulation of toxins in the body causes cancer and other chronic disorders. The only way to get respite from these health hazards is to periodically remove toxins from the body.

Regular body detox is an essential part of our health regimen. But the lack of time and the absence of awareness about how to do it play truant. So, how to detoxify the body frequently without having to put extra efforts or losing valuable time that you need on other personal and professional fronts?

Presenting Foot Detox Patches that are easy to use and you won't need special effort or time to do the body detox.

These detoxifying foot pads contain bamboo vinegar, a common ingredient in Japanese foot patches. It is also the main element in Chinese toxin removal foot pads.

Similar to kinoki foot pads, these help in removing toxins from the body through feet. Just wear them on your feet and let them be there overnight. With adhesive patches, these are easy to wear.

The bamboo foot patch sucks out toxins at night while you are sleeping. You will emerge rejuvenated, energetic, and balanced flow of energy in the body.

Use these detoxifying foot pads regularly to boost blood circulation in the body, ease stress, and improve the ability to focus.


  • The easiest way of detoxification
  • For removing toxins from the body through feet
  • Contain bamboo vinegar
  • Boost blood circulation in the body,
  • Ease stress and improve focus
  • Come with 10 pcs of adhesive patches
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