1 Pair Halloween Vampire Fangs

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Looking for vampire fangs as part of Halloween costumes?

You don’t like zombies or monsters. You don’t want to wear clown or white scary Halloween masks. How can you get a clean yet scary look this Halloween?

No need to buy a Dracula Halloween mask to look like a vampire at the Halloween party. Imagine how tight could be your mask with vampire teeth causing discomfort. If it does not fit well, it is a total waste of money. Even if it fits, your look may not be that natural.

So, how to get that look with vampire costume?

Introducing the Halloween Vampire Fangs. No need to get a mask to look like a vampire. Just put these vampire fangs on your denture using specialized glue and you get that scary appearance.

These prosthetic dentures designed to be perfect vampire fangs to wear alongside Halloween costumes or as masquerade props. Made from good quality resin, these resemble original vampire teeth. Kids can use them as tiger teeth on fancy dress events.


  • Appear as original vampire fangs
  • Made from good quality resin
  • Safe to use, non-chemical
  • Adults, kids can use
  • Comfortable, realistic vampire teeth

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