1 Pair Elf Pointy Ears

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Feeling like a Girl with Elf Ears this Halloween?

When you are sick of bloody costumes and dark grotesque makeup, you can transform into a graceful nymph type fairy with pointy ears and be the fairest creature in this year’s Halloween party.

Watch head turns as you gracefully walk into the party with your elegant makeup, glistening dress completed with long pointy anime elf ears.

This is the best way to become a fairy or an Elf! No need for painful ear piercing or ugly Halloween makeup!

Our unique latex ear is easy to put on, easy to adjust, and comfortable to wear. 
It is lightweight and not heavy on the ears. Just clip it directly and become a fairy woodland flower fantasy! 

This is the excellent accessory for live action role play, fancy parties, cosplay, and Halloween parties!
Get your selfies ready and look enchanting while wearing these fairy ears!


  • Instantly turn your look into a fairy goddess
  • Non-toxic and made from food-grade material
  • This will not be deformed. It is very durable and can be folded.
  • Easy to wear. You just need to clip on the ear directly
  • Reusable and washable with water and facial cleanser.

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