Fake Vampire Blood Mouth Capsule

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Want To Go Really Bloody With Your Scary Costume This Halloween? 

When you need blood for gore and blood coming out from your mouth then this blood capsule is perfect for you!

Using these fake blood capsules will create real looking vampire teeth blood and will complete your Halloween mouth makeup. 

At an opportune moment, you just need to break the capsule in your mouth using your teeth. The fake blood will slowly dribble out of your vampiric mouth as you've just finished sucking the blood out of an innocent bystander's neck. Or, if you're a zombie, it'll look like you've just finished feasting on the flesh of some poor non-zombie person.

These blood pills are perfect for that vampire look, bloody scenes in the theater and perfect for movie effects!

Get yours now and look like a vampire drinking blood that just came from a kill.


  • Realistic looking Blood - Just Like in the Movies!
  • Create a bloody scene for theatre or film
  • Play a joke on someone, bite your lip and see blood oozing out!
  • Discard after use. Do not swallow.
  • Recommended for 8 years old and above

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